5 places where Earth’s gravity doesn’t work

All objects on or near the earth are impacted by the basic force of gravity. The effects of gravity can, however, appear to be lessened or altered in some situations or places. Here are five illustrations:

1. Space: When an object is in space, they are in a microgravity environment since they are far from any major gravitational pull. Even though gravity is still there, it is much weaker than what is felt on Earth’s surface. For example, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) feel as though they are floating in zero gravity because they are orbiting the Earth continually.

2. Orbiting points: The gravitational pulls of the Earth and the Sun are balanced at certain locations in space. Objects can remain comparatively stable concerning the Earth and the Sun by using these positions, also referred to as Lagrange points. At these locations, the gravitational pull of each body cancels out, establishing a secure gravitational equilibrium.

3. Free-falling objects: The effects of gravity may appear to be briefly lessened when an object is in free falls, such as during skydiving or when an elevator cable snaps. Up until the object achieves terminal velocity or another force takes effect, the faller feels as though they are not moving.

4. far underground: The force of gravity is significantly lessened far underground, yet it is still present. This is because the mass of the Earth above cancels out some of the gravitational pull. It would be difficult to notice this reduction because the change is so little.

5. Flights in zero gravity: Some aircraft, such as the “vomit comet,” are built to simulate weightlessness. These aircraft have a parabolic flight path, which involves a sharp ascent followed by a quick descent, giving people on board a brief appearance of weightlessness.

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