15 Movie Stars Who Almost Died During Filming























Many people find acting to be a convenient job where actors have to memorize a few lines, put on makeup, and then after a few months of work, take home their hefty paycheck.

If they’re lucky, they can win Hollywood’s biggest prizes that will bring them future fame and fortune. Some even believe that these actors can do it with grace if they can.

However, being a Holly star isn’t as easy as many think. When photographing actors, you will surely encounter many obstacles, including the death knell.In fact, many Hollywood stars have died during filming in the past.

An example is Paul Walker. In fact, accidents can happen in strange and unpredictable ways without anyone being able to 100% guarantee the safety of the actors.

That is why stuntmen, who play dangerous scenes for the actors, play an important role in the film crew.

However, many of the potential dangers are not easy to understand and almost lead to the death of our actors.Here are some Hollywood stars who nearly died in a shooting.

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