17 real places that give people goosebumps just looking at

01 Have a coin? Make a wish.

02 Museum of Modern German Art “Küppersmühle”. Interesting, but scary to go in, especially in the evening.

03 The architect called this building “Crazy House”. Got straight to the point!

04 Kosovo National Library Architects Wonder Why No One Goes There

05 Scared? The U.S. too! This is an armory in Buffalo, New York.

06 Clown Motel: Check-in for the night and stay forever

07 The lines of this unusual building in China are also illuminated at night.

08 The eyes were specially projected onto the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant. Such a frightening art project turned out.

09 Just the shadow of a tree in front of the house, not what you thought

10 In Transylvanian Sibiu, houses have their own eyes

11 Abandoned trains, mountains, and not a single soul for kilometers around

12 Something from other worlds moored in the port of Antwerp

13 This mine has been abandoned for over 100 years. I wonder what’s next?

14 The perfect place to look for ghosts and ancient treasures

15 Thought it only happens in movies? No, the building is real.

16 The ancient granary still stands, although it has fallen into disrepair.

17 According to legend, this is where Isaac Newton placed his first full-size telescope.

People have always been attracted to the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Yes, and right in a dilapidated warehouse – what if there were secrets hidden there?

If the place has at least some history and is located away from busy roads, the interest will increase many times over.

And even a sense of real gloom and danger cannot frighten curious wanderers.

On the contrary, they attract them with their mystical atmosphere!

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