20 Times This Online Group Shared Photos Of The Hottest Designs


#1 Swinging In The Conference Room



#2 Possibly One Of The Worst Staircases I’ve Ever Seen

#3 Another Silverware Set… Another Useless Spoon

#4 Holy F**king S**t

#5 Wall Outlets With Extension Cords Built Into The Wall

#6 W Fart-Free Water

#7 Thanks I Hate It

#8 Door Knob Design That Gives You A Fish-Eye View Of The Room Ahead

#9 Imagine Going Through All The Trouble Of Publishing Just To See This

#10 The Lucky Knot Bridge In China

#11 Because A Hat Would Be Far Too Complicated

#12 This Sink. Spotted On A Facebook Ad

#13 A Bookshelf To Store Some Pebbles Or Something

#14 Clocks

#15 Stacked Seating At A Restaurant

#16 Found On The Designp**n Frontpage

#17 Hidden Fire Extinguishers

#18 When You Want The Guarantee Of A Broken Neck From Your Staircase

#19 This Luxurious Toilet

#20 Dear God I Just Needed To Pee


Since most people are drawn to minimalism these days, bold designs can seem a bit dated. However, some designers unnecessarily create specially designed products.

There’s also a subreddit called r/DesignDesign that pokes fun at the overdesigned stuff found there. Check out some of her funniest posts in the gallery below.

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