20 Useful Facts That May Save Your Life One Day


1. If your house smells like fish for no reason, 9 times out of 10 it means there is an electrical fire

2. If you ever smell someone following your car, make four right turns and eventually it will reverse. If they’re still following you, then they’re following you. Do not drive home, call the police and come to the police station.

3. If you are abroad and need help but don’t know the emergency number, dial 1 1 2. This is the international emergency number that will automatically connect you to the nearest emergency number.

4. If you are ever approached by an unaccompanied guide dog, follow it and act quickly as you could potentially save someone’s life.

5. The pin machine at a bowling alley is extremely dangerous. So if you’re wearing heels for fun, there’s a good chance you’ll get crushed to death.

6. When a tornado looks like it isn’t one.

7. If someone tries to get you, scratch them. Your DNA will now be on your nails.

8. If you wake up in the middle of the night and smell gas, DO NOT turn on the light. A spark from a switch could blow up the whole house.

9If you accidentally disturb a beehive or wasp nest, don’t rush to get water. They will wait for you to surface and you will continue to sting. Run fast and as far as you can because eventually they will stop following you

10. If you ever see square waves in the sea, run immediately. These are strong currents that can pull you underwater and kill you instantly.

11. If someone is stabbed, do not remove the knife. It acts as a plug for the body’s opening and prevents blood loss. Put pressure on the wound and call the police on

12. Everyone hates red eyes in photos. But if your pupils are bouncing white in the photo, it could mean something serious has happened to your eyes, like cataracts, retinal problems, and even eye cancer

13. If you’ve ever had an avalanche, spit it out. Their saliva follows gravity and you can just kick it to the other side

14. The more colorful and lively the animal, the more likely it is poisonous and you probably shouldn’t eat it.

15. The best way to survive an elevator fall is to lie on your back

16. If you’re ever at a party and your drink is extremely salty, don’t drink it again. Rohypnol is said to have a salty taste.

17. If for any reason you swallow washer fluid or antifreeze, drink plenty of vodka so as not to damage your kidneys and have time to go to the hospital

18. If you’re ever being chased by a polar bear, strip off your clothes as you flee and drop your clothes on the ground. Polar bears have very poor ADS and will take a close look at your clothing before stalking you again.

19. When you feel like throwing up, start humming. It’s almost impossible to throw up while humming.

20. Don’t drink brown coconut milk. They contain oils that lead to dehydration. Instead, you should drink green coconut milk.


Everyone wants to learn something interesting once in a while. But if you thought they were only useful when you were trying to impress your friends at trivia night, think again. It turns out that some of these can save your life and Jack Neel, creator of TikTok channel fyp, will prove it to you.

Jack regularly shares short, informative videos on his TikTok and has over 6.2 million followers on the platform to date. And although her content mostly revolves around scary facts and horror, she recently launched the series Life-Saving Facts, which proved to be just as popular as her other series and garnered millions of views. Check out the collection of key facts Jack shared in the gallery below!

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