A museum that allows street artists to do whatever they want on the walls of the museum
























Many street artists are often discredited because of the line of art they have chosen.

Far from the loft studio where he hibernates to work on their latest works, they are wandering the streets of their own hometown, creating art wherever they are. see.

The Long Beach Museum of Art had the brilliant idea of ​​allowing street artists to have a blank canvas in their exhibits, allowing them to create their own works according to their needs.

any way they see fit. Taking place on June 26, the project titled “Vitality and Vitality: Transforming Urban Landscapes” includes the work of not only street artists with a new approach but also artists’ studios experimenting with street art. “Most of the works in this exhibition will be created on our gallery walls using both traditional and non-traditional art media,” said Ron Nelson, chief executive officer of the Museum.

Long Beach Museum of Art said.“After the exhibition is over, the walls will be painted and prepared for the next exhibition. Therefore, it is important for art lovers to see this wonderful exhibition before it closes.

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