Betis 0-1 Manchester United Match Review

In today’s match, Eric Tenhag started using Pellestri in the starting lineup, and we saw that he was able to show some very good skills.  In order to fit in with the team’s style of play, as a boy, I have to play the next three or four games and get a base.  As a boy, he was able to play the best when he was allowed to play.  It was the first match of his United career.

 Harry Maguire  is on the United side’s exit list.  He came back in and Pelestri came out and the rest went out as usual.  Since they scored 4 goals in the first leg as it was an away game, United did not have much pressure in this game and planned to lead to a comfortable draw.  That’s why the team didn’t make any direct pressure, and they just waited for the counter attack for the whole first half.

 Therefore, in the first half, United didn’t get a chance, but De Gea and Harry McGuire were able to defend against Batik’s attacks one by one.  Near the end of the first half, Pelestri’s kick went to the goal post, and he had to sink.

 In the second half, United was able to control the game a little bit and tried to score a goal through a pair of defenders. Rafford made two side kicks with the goalkeeper and then he exploded and scored a goal from a distance.  After that, United sent out Rafford, Fred, and Fernandez, and Sancho, Elanger, and Selbaster came in and tried again to score goals.

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