Kudus midfielder of Ajax to Manchester United transfer news- Latest

The Ghanaian international midfielder, who is currently 22 years old and was coached by tenhag Ajax, is reportedly moving to Old Trafford next summer in order to reunite with Tenhag.

However, Kudus made it clear that he does not want to consider his future and is solely focused on his performance at Ajax right now.

Nonetheless, he uncovered that it is his fantasy to play in a major group like Joined together.

Kudus stated this to The Telegraph: I’m very content at Ajax right now, but I’ll be even more content if we win both titles.”

I’ve been playing well and growing, which is why I don’t want to renew right now. Right now, there are talks.

In time, we’ll see how it goes. However, my agent will need to be consulted for this. I want to concentrate entirely on the championship right now.

In the summer, Kudus was close to moving to Everton, but the move never happened.

Pondering it, he said: ” I was disappointed when Ajax stopped him from moving to Everton last summer.

Since I can’t play here, I think it’s time to start a new career.

Rashford scored goals for Manchester United and became top player in scorer list


After scoring a goal in yesterday’s match, Rafford was able to beat Ronaldo’s scoring record

 The United team played yesterday’s Europa League second round match against Real Batik comfortably, winning with Rafford’s long-range goal and deservedly progressing to the next stage.

 That’s why the draw will be held tomorrow evening, and United are expected to meet one of the two teams, Fiennes or Juventus, in the quarter-finals.

 Manchester United striker Rafford leads the list of top scorers in this year’s Europa League. 


With 6 goals and one assist in 8 games, Rafford is showing his best form.

 This year, Rafford has scored 27 goals in all competitions, ranking third in Europe’s top scorers list. 

In addition, Ronaldo’s record of 25 goals scored in one season last year was surpassed even before the end of the season, and it must be said that Rafford surpassed Ronaldo’s place.

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