A wonder of Chinese architecture, The Hanging Temple, also called Xuankong Temple, is situated in Shanxi province. Though its age is generally accepted to be 1,500 years, its exact construction date is unknown. The temple, which is known for its distinctive hanging design, is located in the Hengshan Mountains on the side of a cliff.

About 246 feet (75 meters) above the ground, The Hanging Temple appears to defy gravity as it clings to the steep rock wall. A sophisticated network of wooden crossbeams, brackets, and beams that are embedded in the cliff supports the temple. It is a remarkable example of prehistoric engineering.

The temple’s dedication to a mix of Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian principles reflects the wide range of religions practiced in China at the time it was built. It comprises of numerous chambers and halls, each of which is devoted to a particular deity or idol. Intricate statues, carvings, and paintings in the inside add to the building’s cultural and historical value.

As guests may stroll through the building, experiencing its numerous levels and taking in beautiful views of the surroundings, visiting the Hanging Temple offers a singular experience. The temple has been strengthened and maintained over the years to ensure its preservation.

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