The Challenges of Becoming a Changemaker

The Challenges of Becoming a Changemaker

The right-wing movement has long sought to destroy public education and the concept of a diverse learning environment.

One of their dream policies is a universal voucher program, giving taxpayer dollars directly to families for private school tuition. This would break the public school “monopoly” and give all children an opportunity to attend a private school.

Everybody a Changemaker: Bringing Joy Back to the Workplace of Teachers

A majority of teachers want to do good in the world. This desire positions them as “changemakers” in our society. These teachers are motivated to make a difference in their students’ lives, and they make it happen through their work in the education system. Unfortunately, the traditional educational system does not always reward these noble qualities.

To help bring joy back to the classroom, teachers must get to know students and develop meaningful relationships. This is critical because belonging is essential to feeling happy. It is also important to empower students so they can take ownership of their own learning. Teachers can do this by playing music, offering movement breaks, and encouraging students to be independent learners.

School closures broke the social compact

School closures have forced many Americans to rethink the value of education. In many places across the country, school closures have caused an avalanche of family problems. Parents who could afford to do so were often pushed to find alternative means of childcare. For example, in one incident in Georgia, a single mother was left to care for her five children alone at home. Her 14-year-old daughter had to take the reins. She was subsequently charged with reckless conduct.

In addition to a variety of other concerns, the economic cost of school closures is also significant. Closing schools increases the need for child care, which creates unintended consequences. Recent studies have indicated that mandatory school closures are linked to increased rates of infections and health worker childcare. Additionally, school closures negatively affect educational outcomes and future earnings.

Schools are a barrier to employment

Many minorities face barriers in transitioning from school to early job success. These barriers can come from the school system, workplace, and society itself. They prevent minority youth from achieving success in the workplace and becoming productive workers. Luckily, schools and workplaces can be a great tool to address this problem.

Becoming a changemaker can be a challenge

As with any challenge, becoming a changemaker is not without risks and challenges. But by stepping outside your comfort zone, you can unlock incredible opportunities. Fear of failure is never an excuse for not taking the opportunity. There are plenty of ways to learn about the challenges that lie ahead, and it’s important to accept them rather than deter from trying them.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the young people in your community are empowered and have the capacity to help. Providing students with opportunities to take on changemaking activities helps them build self-esteem and empowers them to solve issues and improve society. It also helps create a dialogue about their role in society and their ability to address these issues. Some students may feel intimidated by the task and may lack confidence in their capacity to make a difference. This doesn’t mean that you can’t empower them, but it is important to keep their agency.

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