20 Examples of Rare Coincidences People Share on Social Media


#1 Perfect Angle

#2 She Found Her Cat 16 Days After A Tornado

#3 The Good You Do Always Finds Its Way Back

#4 Actor Sean Astin Photo Bombing Me In ‘93 At D.c. Inaugural Ball And Again 26 Yrs Later At Disneyland

#5 Cat Sitting The Exact Place

#6 Filipino Fisherman Got Stuck On A Rock And He Decided To Bring It Home As A Good Luck Charm

#7 An Accidental Reunion

#8 One Lucky Dude

#9 What A Cute Couple

#10 A Fish Jumps Right In Front Of The Camera And Creates Funny Picture

#11 A 96-year-old man uses the Heimlich maneuver to save an 87-year-old woman from fatal asphyxiation. This man is none other than Dr. Henry Heimlich, the inventor of the technology. How hard

#12 Captured Shark Helps Solve Murder

#13 They covered my local animal shelter on national TV and focused on Alys, the cat we adopted 7 months ago! You have to see where it comes from! We were impressed

#14 The same injured whale photographed off the Mexican coast 35 years later

#15 Perfectly placed network

#16 Wasps Made A Nest On My Anti-Wasps Spray Bottle

#17 The Reddit user got caught in a hit-and-run attack, but some idiot left the pot in his wheel

#18 In 1943, Alan Magee’s B-17 spherical bomber was hit by an anti-aircraft missile and went out of control. He fell more than four miles without a parachute before crashing into the station’s roof. He survived the fall and lived to be 84

#19 Man Narrowly Avoids Being Crushed By A Tree Struck By Lightning: “I Felt Like Buster Keaton”

#20 The Cat Had A Secret Life


Some call it luck, some call it a miracle, some call it a rare coincidence, but almost impossible things happen in this world all the time. The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes surprises people with spontaneous turns of events. So if you are going through a difficult time right now, persevere as you may not be aware of the amazing things that are mysteriously happening behind your back. And check out this popular subreddit called r/nevertellmetheodds where people are sharing some really cool examples of crazy coincidences. Check out some of their best articles below.

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