The math teacher was tied to a tree by students for giving bad grades





The incident happened at a boarding school in Dumka district, Jharkhand, India.

11 students in Grade 9 scored “DD”, which is considered the equivalent of a failing grade, on their actual math test.

The results were announced by the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) on Saturday, according to India Times.

The students claimed that the teacher gave them low marks on the practice tests, causing them to fail the exam.

They also allege that the secretary is in charge of uploading scores online to the Jharkhand Academic Board website.

Police Chief Gopikandar Nityanand Bhokta told the Press Trust of India that the school administration did not file any complaint on behalf of the teacher involved:

No FIR was filed in the case because the school administration failed to file any written complaint about the incident.

events. After verifying the incident, I asked the school authorities to make a complaint but they refused and said that it could destroy the student’s career.

Gopikandar Block Development Officer (BDO) Anant Jha said most of the school’s students were involved in the incident.

The school has about 200 students in boarding schools. Anant Jha says: The injured teacher was once the principal of the school but was fired for unknown reasons.

It can be a competition between teachers. To maintain public order at the school, grades 9 and 10 were suspended for two days and students were sent home.

However, school administrators do not display the scores of practice tests or the date they are uploaded online.

It is not yet clear whether the students failed in theory or in practice. At first glance, it seems that the students are just acting on a rumor.

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