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There are undoubtedly animals that you have never seen or heard of before because there are millions of different animal species spread out across our planet. These 5 Animals You Didn’t Know Existed include multicolored spiders that appear like brilliant peacocks and jellyfish that resemble fried eggs.

1. Fried Egg Jellyfish

A species of jellyfish called Cotylorhiza tuberculata resembles an open egg floating in the water. The fried egg jellyfish, which is often found in the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic Seas, can reach a diameter of up to 16 inches and contains numerous short, brightly colored appendages that resemble clubs.

Despite having stingers, their stings have little to no impact on people. Small fish in the ocean can occasionally find safety inside the jellyfish’s vibrant tentacles.

2. Manga’s Achrioptera.

Most likely, you have never seen a stick insect with such vivid colors. Achrioptera manga has a startling, electric blue colour, in contrast to the majority of stick insects, which tend to resemble actual sticks to help them blend into woodland environments.

A. manga, a species of only one forest in northern Madagascar, stands out because when a male reaches sexual maturity, he turns blue or has several colors. This stick insect doesn’t hide among the greenery; instead, it stays out in the open, and it even utilizes its tiny wings to frighten away possible predators.

3. Elephant Shrew

This cute little guy is actually an elephant shrew. The length of this diminutive African insectivorous mammal varies, ranging from 3.9 to 11.8 inches.

Although it superficially resembles shrews and has a long nose that looks like an elephant’s trunk, the elephant shrew is not considered to be a real shrew. Elephant shrews are actually more connected to elephants than shrews are! They are among the planet’s swiftest tiny mammals. Some people have a top speed of 17.9 mph!

4. Devil Stinger

Ever notice how scruffy a fish looks? This is a “demon stinger,” also called a “devil stinger” or a “sea goblin.” It is a type of poisonous fish that shares a close relationship with actual stonefish.

Its skin is coated in venomous spines and wart-like glands. Using the four lower rays of its pectoral fins as legs, it gently creeps across the seafloor. It has a knobby look and can get up to 10 inches long. When located on a sandy or coral seafloor, its sand-yellow or red coloring helps it blend in.

5. Ghost Shark

The fish in question is referred to as a “chimera.” Chimeras, cartilaginous fish found at depths of 8,500 feet in temperate oceans and sometimes known as “ghost sharks” and “spookfish,” are a type of cartilaginous fish. The patterns on chimeras’ faces are sensory organs that enable them to detect electrical fields in the water, which enables them to locate prey.


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