Artist Makes Photo-Like Paintings, And Here’s The Result



Have you ever seen a painting that was so lifelike that you had to wonder if it was a photograph? We can only speculate as to how frequently the artist has had to correct himself: they are not images.

The extraordinarily gifted artist Emel Espiritu created these hyperrealistic paintings. He is a self-taught artist from the Philippines’ Nueva Ecija province of Munoz.

We’ll welcome you to view these highly detailed paintings now without further ado.

To learn more about the artist, we got in touch with him.

We had to inquire as to whether Emel felt that he was born talented or if it was all about practice in order to create such intricate paintings that appear to be photographs.

“This is a gift to me as an artist. Everybody has a unique gift. I learned about it when I was a young child. Some individuals have not yet identified their talent. But the fact is, if you find your talent at any age, concentrate on it like a seedling. Until you determine what species of plant it is, water it. a flowering plant that will make you bloom.

“And once you begin to bloom, people will notice you.”

The artist admitted that he began drawing as a young age. “Yes! I’ve enjoyed doing it since I was in elementary school.

It is a hobby that takes a long time to get good at. “I am only a self-taught artist, so that took me a long time to master,” Emel stated. Hyperrealism is the term for that style of art.

We enquired as to how long it takes the artist to complete one masterpiece after observing the amount of detail that goes into each painting. It takes, according to Emel, “about 1-2 months depending on its details.”

Usually, there is someone who has inspired every artist. Emel stated: “I was influenced by our current national musician Bencab and our prior national artists here in our country like Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, etc.

Last but not least, Emel already has almost 3,000 Instagram followers, and we are confident that this number will continue to rise.

People are frequently moved by Emel’s paintings, and he says that it makes him quite happy. “When people love my art, it makes me very pleased. I’d like to thank everyone who has faith in me.




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