The artist creates an incredible series of cutouts inspired by M.C. Escher

Parth Kothekar, an artist from Ahmedabad, India, is famous for his extremely detailed cutouts. His latest clipping series is inspired by the work Optical Illusions by M.C. inspired. Escher. The mathematical precision of geometric shapes and lines in his works is extremely unusual.

In an interview with Us, the artist told us he’s been making papercuts for almost a decade. He says: “The idea came to me about ten years ago in my graffiti practice when one day I imagined the stencils upside down. I followed the idea and was fascinated by my own work.

“First it was a hobby; When I had enough artworks to exhibit, I organized an 84 office cutout exhibition at the Kanoria Center of Arts in Ahmedabad,” he added.

Parth talks about his creative process and says it changes from time to time. He explained: “I first made black cutouts, then I started to cut out the negative area to show depth and made it white.” Now I partially cut the paper and fold it without removing the negative, to get depth.

“The tools remain the same: cutting mat, letter opener, 160 gsm paper and pencil,” he added.

Parth also revealed: “Before I start creating an artwork, I have an image in my head, but even I don’t know what it will look like in the end.” The curiosity about the end result motivates me because my working process is very experimental and every time I try to break the usual patterns.”

The artist has said that the work itself is his inspiration. “The feeling is magical, breathtaking and sometimes emotional. I can feel the life in them,” he said.

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