Dortmund have requested up to two players for Bellingham

Dortmund have requested up to two players for Bellingham

 Eric Tenhardt, the coach of the United team, will strengthen the team next summer, and will prioritize a striker and a midfielder.

 I made a plan for the right back position, but Bisaka’s ability to show again,  Due to information such as confidence in Dalo’s quality, he was not included in the next season’s transfer priority, and he brought the attacker and midfielder to the main place.

 For attack, United used Spurs striker Harry Kane.  Benfica striker Gongalo Ramos and Napoli striker Osiman are big names.  For the middle of the field, To De Jong

 Bellingham is leading the way.  De Jong does not want to move to United, Bellingham is at the top of the transfer that can happen.

 Dortmund have set a transfer fee of up to 120 million euros next season, and if United wants to sign them, they want to include the fact that they want United’s two young stars, Pellistri and Elanger, to be sold on loan or outright.

 Dortmund wanted to sign Elanger on loan from the last market and tried to sign Pelestri since last summer.  Therefore, if Bellingham’s move includes the fact that these two stars will be sold on loan or outright, then Bellingham will not hesitate to sell to United.

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